🏡  Reading resident since 2019 with wife Vanessa and daughters, Sloan (5 years old, attends Killam elementary) and Claire (3 years old, attends Reading Baptist Day School)
📜  Degree in Government & Legal Studies, Education Minor from Bowdoin College Babson, MBA – Entrepreneurship.
🧑‍🏫  Licensed educator and former international teacher – taught children from pre-school to post high school.
📢  Mentored and coached at the middle school and high school level - former high school Athletic Director.
🧑‍🧒‍🧒 Have worked with children in some capacity for my entire professional career.
👔  Fifteen plus year career in business and licensed financial professional.

🗹 Why I'm Running?

  • Community Service: I have been involved in local charities and community service my entire adult life and want to give back to the town of Reading.
  • Family & Education: My children love going to the library – I want to assist the library to continue to be as beneficial to our kids and community as possible.
  • Fiscally Responsible: We have limited financial and town resources, so it is important that the town is as efficient as possible with OUR Reading tax dollars.  Costs are skyrocketing in every facet of life; the town of Reading needs to do everything possible to minimize raising the taxes of its residents.
  • Transparency & Examine Policies: Important to review policies in an effort to improve transparency in some areas and have them in line with how other committees are run. For example:
    • CORI’s are required for all parents who want to volunteer or coach in town, but the library does not require CORI’s for non-parents who want to volunteer or conduct programs at the library
    • Other town meetings are all recorded, some of which are conducted at the library. However, the BOLT meetings are not.

There might be perfectly good reasons for the above policies, but they need to be discussed and examined.

  • Library is a Sacred Place: It is meant for learning, fostering our children’s development and growth as well as representing our community’s shared values.  My goal is to work with the library and BOLT members to ensure we continue to meet those objectives.

🗳️ Why Vote Curry?

  1. Well-rounded:  Government and Education degrees,  teacher,  business career,  four year international experience between Taiwan and Australia. I am able to cohesively work with people of varying,  backgrounds,  opinions and cultures.

  2. Fiscally Responsible:  The residents of Reading have limited tax dollars. Very important we are as efficient as possible with our tax dollars.

  3. Advocacy:  I will advocate for our children and community and always make decisions that are in the best interest of our children and Reading’s shared community values.

🏘️ Community Service

I have been a Big Brother mentor and Children’s International sponsor each for over 14 years and also actively involved in numerous other charities displayed below.  Working as a BOLT member and serving the Reading community will continue my long tradition of community service.
Joseph Murphy Scholarhip Fund

Contact Brian

📧 Feel free to email us at

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74 Haverhill Street

Reading, MA 01867